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Daily Bulletin for Thursday, 1-12-12

                FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE 

  • PERIOD                               TIME
  • 8th PERIOD EXAM              8:05am – 9:35am
  • 6th PERIOD EXAM              9:45am – 11:15am
  • MAKE UP EXAMS               11:25am – 12:55pm
  • Bus Pick Up                                 11:25am
  • Bus Pick Up                                 1:00pm





BUS SERVICE: Normal bus pick-up times will be in effect before 8am on exam days. Buses will bring students home after the 1st and 2nd exam periods today & also at 1pm for students taking make-up exams. There will be an athletic bus at 6:30pm, but no activity bus.



CELL PHONE USAGE: All regular cell phone rules are in effect during final exams. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be off and out of sight in classrooms, in academic hallways during the exam periods, and in all other areas of the school previously identified to students during orientation. Please see your dean if you have questions.



OFF-CAMPUS PRIVILEGES: Students without off-campus privileges who do not have a scheduled final exam do not need to sign out before they leave campus. We encourage students to remain on campus to take advantage of resources in the Information and Learning Center. If students leave campus, they will no longer be under the supervision of Stevenson High School.  



Are you interested in helping plan Project Dance 2012?  Applications for Committee Members and Committee Heads are now available in the Student Activities Office or can be downloaded from the Student Activities Facebook page.  All applications must be submitted by January 18th to be considered.





Seniors with Parking Permit: The end of the 3rd Marking Period is today. Check your parking permit to avoid consequences for parking when you are not permitted.         The marking periods you are NOT allowed to drive have the numbers punched out on the sticker.  Please note, Port Clinton is also a Senior parking lot. Seniors/Juniors are not allowed to drive/park on campus until 3:25 on school days unless they have a valid parking permit or have purchased a one-day parking permit from the 2400 office.



Freshmen Band Students need to pick up their PE uniform and lock in the Patriot Superstore before 2nd semester.



Come cheer on the Girls Basketball team tonight at 7pm, and support Hoops for Heroes with Students Helping Soldiers.  Wear your Camo T-shirt and Camo the Court! Donations will be accepted for The Heart of a Marine Foundation.



Hebrew Students, if you ordered a Hebrew t-shirt please come to the Superstore to pick it up.



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