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Daily Bulletin for Monday, 12-5-11


Period                        Time

Detention                  7:20am-8:00am

1                                  8:05am-8:50am

2                                  8:55am-9:35am

Activity                      9:40am–10:25am

3                                  10:30am-11:10am

4                                  11:15am-12:05pm

4a                                11:15am-11:35am

4b                                11:45am-12:05pm

5                                  12:10pm-1:00pm

5a                                12:10pm-12:30pm

5b                                12:40pm-1:00pm

6                                  1:05pm-1:55pm

6a                                1:05pm-1:25pm

6b                                1:35pm-1:55pm

7                                  2:00pm-2:40pm

8                                  2:45pm-3:25pm

Detention                  3:35pm-4:15pm




Are you ready for Odyssey 2012? 

There will be an Activity Period today to inform students about Odyssey 2012 & the registration process. Students will stay in their 2nd Hour Class to watch a short promo video about Odyssey, view a tutorial describing how to select classes, and receive a one-page handout listing ALL of the course offerings for Odyssey.  Students without a 2nd hour class should go to the Wood Commons for the Activity Period.

Following the Activity Period, students may begin registering for Odyssey through the SHS Website.  Students are encouraged to read the full description for the course offerings prior to signing up for a class.  The descriptions can be found in the Odyssey Course Catalogs which are available online or in the printed Course Catalog that will be located in the Odyssey Office 2426, The Fine Arts Office 6076, the Resource Center, ILC, Link Lab, Principal’s Office 3046, & 2400 Office.   Registration for Odyssey closes on Weds. Dec. 14.  If anyone has any Odyssey questions, please stop by the Odyssey Office 2426 or the Fine Arts Office 6076.




Attention all Illinois State Scholars:  You may pick up your Certificate of Achievement in Green Student Services. Not sure if you’re an Illinois State Scholar? Check with us in room 2414 or go to for a complete listing.





Juniors – Interested in a 5-Week Fellowship to Israel? The Bronfman Youth Fellowship has announced its 26th summer in Israel (July 3-August 8). You will encounter the land and the people of Israel, study major issues in Jewish life, and meet some of Israel’s most influential figures. Application, and more information, can be obtained at and the application deadline is January 20, 2012.





The IM Ski and Snowboard Club Parent’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 7, at 7 pm in the West Auditorium (2206).  Membership packets will be available.



Key Club’s next general meeting is Tuesday, December 6, from 3:30 – 4:30 in room 7036.  Come hear about our tutoring program, sign up for events and have a snack with friends.  New members are always welcome.


Join Students Helping Soldiers after school on Tuesday for the Annual Holiday Cookie Bake and Care Packages. Drop off your cookie dough in the morning and either PE office. All are welcome and pizza will be served!


Help Edufund as they raise funds to support local schools.  Join Edufund and your friends for breakfast & eat at Egg Harbor (Lincolnshire) on the Late Arrival morning, Thursday, December 8, between 7-10 am!



Want to know what’s new in Contemporary Drama?  Be one of the first to see and hear this Wednesday and Thursday, December 7 & 8, as the Contemporary Drama students present three original pieces,  WHAT’S ON OUR MINDS AND UP OUR SLEEVES, written and performed by the Contemporary Drama students.  The show is at 7pm in the Studio Theatre, room 2204 and admission is free!!!


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